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CV John S Karamoy, Pembicara Seminar Pertambangan dan Energi

Jika anda membutuhkan narasumber seminar dengan topik seputar pertambangan dan energi, salah satu narasumber yang punya reputasi bagus di tingkat nasional adalah John S Karamoy.

Berikut ini biodata/CV John Kamaroy. 

Born in Manado, North Sulawesi, October 5, 1936.
  • Working assignment in  East Texas Division, as Assistant to Division Manager Exxon USA
  • Management Training in the University of Virginia (Colgate School of Management) in 1981.
 Management Experience in Oil and Gas Companies:
1972 - 1986
Corporate Vice President & Director, PT. STANVAC INDONESIA, oil and gas company a subsidiary of EXXON MOBIL. His overseas work assignment including Exxon USA and Creole Petroleum  Venezuela
1987 – 1992
Sr Vice President  HUFFCO INDONESIA, a subsidiary of Roy M. Huffington, responsible in the Oil and Gas Exploration & Production operations
1992 – 1998
Medco E&P Group Founder/ Shareholder of Exspan Companies, a subsidiary of PT Medco Energi International Tbk. Held position as a President / CEO of EXSPAN COMPANIES and Commissioner of MEDCO.
1998 –  2001
A public listed company with about 3.0 billion USD market capitalization.
Expanded the geographical base of the Oil and Gas, to include USA and Middle East. Also diversified to other energy business,  biofuel and power.

 2001–  2006
Chairman of the Board of Commissioner PT MEDCO ENERGI INTERNATIONAL Tbk.

  • Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • Chairman of the Risk Management Committee
  • President Commissioners of PT MEPI

Having completed his high school in 1955  he started his career in the oil and gas industry  as a well-site technician in PT Stanvac Indonesia’s Sumatera operation
In 1957 he was sent by the company to take up a university degree and graduated  from the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) in Chemical Engineering in 1963.

As a student he was member of the Student Military Training Corps and was appointed  Regiment Commander  

After graduated from ITB in 1963 he was made Petroleum Engineer, Drilling ToolPusher and subsequently promoted to Operation Superintendent in 1964, Area Manager in 1965 and Company Director in 1972.  In 1981 he was appointed Corporate Vice President, being the first Indonesian to lead the EXXON based operations in Indonesia (1981-1986).

 His overseas work and training assignment:

·         Working assignment  in Sugarland District,  East Texas Division, Exxon USA
·         Creole Corporation in Eastern and Western Div. Venezuela 1971.
·         Management Training  in the University of Columbia, New York in 1971
           1980 – 1982
·    In 1987 he joined Roy M Huffington Inc. ( Houston, Texas)  as Sr Vice President  in charge of Exploration and Production of Huffco Indonesia (1987 – 1992).
·    He joined Medco Group in 1992, to establish the first private Indonesian Oil and Gas Company, EXSPAN ( now Medco E&P Indonesia ) by acquiring Tesoro Indonesia in East Kalimantan ( 1992 ) and PT Stanvac Indonesia in Sumatera   ( 1994 ) .
·         He lead EXSPAN to become  the first major oil and gas company that reached a level of 80.000 barrel oil per day production and 100 million cubic feet/ day gas sales in 8 years.

Under his Leadership, PT Medco Energi International Tbk. Received recognition as:

Ø  2000     Best Managed Company
Ø  2001     Good Corporate Governance, ranked 14
Ø  2001     Fastest Growing Oil and Gas Company in South East Asia
Ø  2002     Standard & Poor Rating of B+
Ø  2004     Good Corporate Governance for year 2003 ranked 4
Ø  2004     Best Annual Report 2003, ranked 4                                                 
Ø  2005   Best Annual Report 2004, ranked 1
Ø  2006     Best Annual Report 2005, ranked 1

Left Medco Energi management team in 2006, he started his own business and also served as Commisioner or Advisor in other companies.

v  PT  Indonesia BentonitE                - Mining and producing Bentonite products
v  PT  SCUDA   - Trading in  new products/equiipment and                                            chemicals    
v  PT JESKA MITRA ENERGI                      - Consultancy in Oil/Gas Upstream, Energy, mining  

v  PT  Indonesia BentonitE                 - Mining and producing Bentonite products
v  PT  SCUDA                  - Trading in  new products/equipment and
Served as Commisioner and Advisor in:
         PT Petrosea, Tbk (Mining services)
         PT Sumatra Persada Energi  (Oil and gas)
         PT Indo Multi Niaga: (Gold Mining)
Currently active as Executive Board member in a number of professional associations and social organization :
v  Indonesian Institute of Energy Economic ( IIEE )
v  Perguruan Tinggi Abdi Nusa, Palembang
v  Indonesian Oil and Gas Companies Associations (Aspermigas)
v  Indonesian Society of Independent Commissioner/ ISICOM, member
v  Rotary International (District Governor 2003-2004)
v  United Way International (Yayasan Mitra Mandiri) – Chairman 2002-2007
v  Usaha Kecil Menengah & Pemberdayaan Wanita

Past Activities
Ø  1982 – 1990      Indonesian Employers Association (Director)
Ø  1986 – 1990      American Chambers (AmCham) Indonesian Chapter (Director)
Ø  1992 – 1998      Association of Chemical Engineers (BKK PII – Chairman)
Ø  1996 – 2000      Indonesian Petroleum Association (Director)
Ø  2000 – 2001      Indonesian Gas Association (Chairman)
Speakers in various national and international forum in energy (Oil and Gas),  Management and Philanthropic Matters :
 v  Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
v  Gas Exchange in Pacific Basins (GASEX)
v  Indonesia’s Association of Chemical Engineers (BKK PII)
v  Global Pacific Oil and Gas Conferences (GLOPAC)
v  Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD)
v  Key Note speaker in annual IPA Convention 2003
v  Key Note address in United Way USA Conference, Laguna Beach California 2006 on Aceh rehabilitation program
v  Parliament Watch Program in Oil and Gas business in Indonesia
v  University, as guest lecturer
Recognition (Awards):
Ø  1998     Successful Executive Award, Nirwana Foundation
Ø  2001     Leadership Award of Oil & Gas, the Indonesian Petroleum Engineers Society (IATMI)
Ø  2001     Finalist for Indonesia Best Entrepreneur, Ernst & Young
Ø  2002   Asian Petroleum Executive Award, Global Pacific & Partner Pty. Ltd.
Ø  2002     International Executive Award, Foundation of Human Resources Development Program
Ø  2003     Title as Karaeng from the South Sulawesi Governor for Social Work Contribution in South Sulawesi
Ø  2004     The most productive and effective Leadership as District Governor, Rotary International District 3400

Untuk mengundang Bapak John Karamoy sebagai pembicara seminar , hubungi  Pak Dwijo : hp: 0813 1069 6307